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 hello i am un-regestered all of the sudden

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zombie jelley 2


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Posthello i am un-regestered all of the sudden

hi um wat is the password i alredy was on the server but for some reason i cant do anything and i am un trusted. so um i have been on the server for a wile but it isnt working and what is the pass word my name iz zombie jelley so hydra can u rosy or brandon help me just write the password in comments ok i see that i still need to introduce myself and um so i would realy like to help create the server and make it beter um i hate griefers and never grief so can u plz regester me and make me trusted um anywayse if one of u guys/girls knows the password send me the message in comments or messages or anything rly but i need it i love this server and would like to play it again hey um why are so many people looking at my post um plz leave a comment to tell me how to get back on the server and i cant talk or moove in the server is that normal? Oh um also some bad news, i just found out that hydra broke up with rosy sooo um sorry to hear that bro but um still wondering wat the password is so i can be trusted... cuz i want to build again and make my underground mantions again plz trust me this is getting to be a verry long post but look dont view if ur not gonna comment on how i can be trusted

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hello i am un-regestered all of the sudden :: Comments

plz tell me how to regester i cant move or talk or anything i cant do anything if anyone reads this instead of just viewing it kill me in the game so i can respawn and do things i cant talk or move right now though

hello i am un-regestered all of the sudden

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